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Is This eBay Ferrari Testarossa Super Rad or Just Ugly?

These two eBay-listed Ferrari Testarossas are quite similar, except for that fact that one is red and other is the color of the vinyl seats in your grandma’s 1977 Ford LTD. According to the seller of both cars—one foxyroxygirl1—the example wearing the more adventurous hue is a 1988.5 model, only has 4200 miles, and arrived to them essentially […]

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2016 Subaru Legacy and Outback: More Starlink, More EyeSight, (Almost Same) Price

Following full redesigns for the Legacy sedan and Outback wagon last year, Subaru isn’t resting on its laurels with either mid-size model. The automaker is introducing its new Starlink infotainment setup to the 2016 Legacy sedan and 2016 Outback wagon, as well as expanding its EyeSight suite of safety technologies. The best part, at least for […]

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Castrol Reveals Titanium Strong Virtual Drift: Video

What you’re about to see is one hundred percent completely real. It’s not just footage of a guy with a silly virtual reality helmet on his head, intermittently edited with some way ridiculous CGI. The CGI in question is exactly what stunt driver Matt Powers really sees, in real time, while driving. So set aside your fully justified mistrust of the internet for a moment, and just take in the glorious awesomeness of “Titanium Strong: Virtual Drift.”

Castrol’s been making a lot of headlines lately with its crazy internet ads featuring cars drifting in different places, from aircraft carriers to helicopter-borne chunks of road. All of them have featured a pretty healthy dose of CGI — so maybe it’s not so strange that Castrol would take the next logical step and get rid of reality altogether. At least for Powers himself.

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Castrol Reveals Titanium Strong Virtual Drift: Video originally appeared on on Monday, 1 June 2015 19:00 EST.

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The Continental: The Internal Combustion Still Has Legs, Plus Impressions from CES Asia

Each week, our German correspondent slices and dices the latest rumblings, news, and quick-hit driving impressions from the other side of the pond. His byline may say Jens Meiners, but we simply call him . . . the Continental. Early in May, the crème de la crème of engine designers and research and development executives […]

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Quantum GP700

Australian start-up Quantum Performance Vehicles has unveiled its very first car, and it has a one-to-one power-to-weight ratio, enough wing to drive upside down, and promises to “give the world’s top hyper cars a run for their money.” It’s called the GP700, and it’s the product of a 7-year-long development process between the father/son team of Jeff and Andrew David.

Based out of Gisborne, northwest of Melbourne, Quantum wasn’t shy in blessing its new flagship with some truly astounding stats. Here’s just a few: the power-to-weight ratio is 60 percent better than a Bugatti Veyron, there’s more longitudinal force during peak acceleration than a free-fall skydive (1.2 G’s vs. 1.0 G’s), there’s enough lateral grip when cornering at 180 km/h (112 mph) to approach the same forces experienced during the launch of the space shuttle (2.5 G’s vs. 3.0 G’s), and there’s enough braking force to rival landing on an aircraft carrier (2.0 G’s).

“The GP700 was designed with pure drivability and functionality in mind, from the aerodynamic bodywork to the pure driver-centric interior,” says Andrew David on Quantum’s website.

So then, it’s probably safe to assume the car will rip apexes like a monster truck pulling dandelions. However, the GP700 is also, amazingly, road legal.

Sounds like a winning combination, doesn’t it? Read on to find out if it actually works.

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Quantum GP700 originally appeared on on Monday, 1 June 2015 18:00 EST.

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2016 M3 and M4 Pricing Revealed Via Leaked Ordering Guide

Both the BMW 3 Series and the M3 have just received their facelifts for the 2016 model year, and, as many of you are aware, updates are far from significant. Aside from the new 3.0-liter, inline-six in the 340i model, which replaces the previous 335i, both cars are about new light clusters and slightly revised dashboards. As a result, it was expected prices would see only minor adjustments compared to 2015. Now, an ordering guide that has just hit the Interwebz via Bimmer Post confirms that pricing for the 2016 M3 has seen a modest increase.

According to the guide, customers looking to buy the facelifted M3 would have to pay $63,200 before options. That’s an increase of $1,200 over 2015. Also, bundles such as the Driver Assistance Plus, the Executive Package, and the Lighting Package would cost $1,700, $3,500, and $1,900, respectively. Also, the available double-clutch transmission retails for $2,900, while the Adaptive M suspension fetches $1,000.

Having received similar updates, the M4 coupe is also $1,200 more expensive than last year’s model, meaning it retails from $65,400 for 2016. Likewise, the 2016 M4 Convertible sports a $1,400 premium, taking the new sticker to $74,900.

Pricing for the milder 3 Series and 4 Series have yet to be announced, but BMW should spill the beans later this summer. Stay tuned for updates.

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2016 M3 and M4 Pricing Revealed Via Leaked Ordering Guide originally appeared on on Monday, 1 June 2015 17:00 EST.

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Ground Control to Major Tig: 2016 VW Tiguan To Get Connectivity Upgrades

Volkswagen’s Tiguan compact crossover, which has been on sale for a long seven years, may be practically forgotten by the car-buying public, but not by its maker. VW is giving the small SUV a major technology update for the 2016 model year in the form of VW’s all-new MIB II modular infotainment system. Next-Gen VW Tiguan […]

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Subaru Mulling Six Names for 7-Passenger Crossover—We’ll Take the Man-Horse Option

Despite the deep and gnawing Yankee hunger for CUVs, Subaru’s Tribeca [above] never sold in great numbers, even while the rest of the company’s mainstream product line pushed the niche automaker past Volkswagen in American sales. With VW preparing a new, bigger Tiguan and a larger MQB-based crossover, Subie could undoubtedly use a fresh seven-passenger uticle to […]

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GM and Subaru Add 390,000 Cars and Trucks to Takata Airbag Recall

The extent of General Motors’ involvement with the Takata airbag recalls was once limited to just a few Toyota-built Pontiac Vibes and rebadged Subarus sold as Saabs, but the American automaker has now announced a related action involving 330,198 heavy-duty pickups. At the same time, Subaru has quadrupled its affected models, now estimated at more than 80,000 vehicles in […]

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Facelift Fiat 500 Parked In A Garage: Spy Shots

Since its revival in 2007, the Fiat 500 has yet to receive a comprehensive styling update. Sure, the Italians launched the half-convertible version known as the 500C, the performance Abarth model, and even an electric version, but, eight years later, mostly all body panels are the same. That’s about to change with the arrival of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, where Fiat should unveil the facelifted 500 our paparazzi just caught resting in a parking lot.

Before you get too excited, let me point out that this facelift is not as revolutionary as it sounds. Fiat may change a few things inside and out, but not to the extent that the 2016 500 will be perceived as an all-new car. The neo-retro design and most of the styling cues that made the Nuova 500 famous are here to say, despite the nips and tucks.

Last time we saw the 2016 500 testing in the wild, the hatch was only wearing camouflage to its front and rear fascias, suggesting those were the areas Fiat had focused on. These new spy shots, on the other hand, depict a completely camouflaged car, a hint that the update may include a lot more new details. We’ll probably find out more at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but until the German event begins, let’s have a look at what we already know about the upcoming 500.

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Facelift Fiat 500 Parked In A Garage: Spy Shots originally appeared on on Monday, 1 June 2015 16:00 EST.

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